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Where should your business be seen?

Because people have favourite Television shows you can target specific shows to reach a fairly well defined group of people.

To make your ad more effective you need to chase the group of people you are targeting across several show, and usually across several stations.
For this reason you need to make sure your message is easy for the people you are targeting to identify. Don’t get lazy, Televisions large audience reach doesn’t mean that you can just chuck any old message out there and it will work.



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As technology improves and changes day by day and the variety of media increases, Australia’s video content viewing and lifestyle decisions are changing rapidly with more Australians preferring to watch television online.

While this sector is in its early days, Internet TV is already attaining 12 million viewers per month, which represents an enormous boost for advertisers within this rising market. Online video is defined as any form of digital video that is being sent to the user via the Internet. Content may be either short- or long-form, with the most popular sites being YouTube, ABC iview, ninemsn, yahoo!7, SBS on demand and Fairfax.

Customers are progressively more using their PC/laptops, tablet PCs, and smart phones for fun. They feel comfortable and relax with the idea of subscription-based video content. Video production is turning becoming cheaper day the day.

Inferno Marketing and Design anticipates Internet TV advertising will dominate all other online advertising segments such as online display (banner ads), advertorials, integrated site content, sponsorships, and e-newsletters and many more in the very near future.