Telephone Directories

Telephone Directories: Make Sure Your Business Benefits

For many businesses today, with the myriad marketing channels available to them and a limited budget to allocate to each one, advertising in telephone directories has become for the most part redundant.

For others however, advertising in ‘the book’ still remains a viable avenue for lead generation, and a standard component of their yearly marketing and sales strategy. These businesses, who often follow the directory representative’s advice of “bigger is always better,” and “what works for your competitors, will work for you,” spend a substantial chunk of their annual marketing budget on an ad, to the detriment of other possible marketing strategies, in the hopes that the phone will ring with viable leads throughout the year.

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There is a more viable and cost-effective solution.

At Inferno Marketing & Design, we understand that for your company, an ad in a telephone directory can be a boon to business. However we also understand that spending a large chunk of your marketing budget on just one advert is unlikely to deliver the results your business needs throughout the year, no matter how well that advert performs, because it’s only going to reach a fraction of your potential customer base.

That’s why we work directly with you, and with the aims of your business in mind, to develop directory ads that are effective but don’t break the bank, leaving you with a healthy percentage of your marketing budget left over to allocate to one of the many other marketing channels open to you, and give your business greater exposure and reach.

Old habits die hard, but don’t let them dictate your actions when that time of year comes around again, and your local phone directory representative is knocking on the door ready to sign you up for another year. Give us a call on 0418 126 874 or email us, and let us help you craft an advert which will deliver the returns you business needs without breaking the bank!