Message On Hold

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Did you know 7 out of 10 callers are placed on hold!

What are your customers listening to when you put them on hold? The radio where they might be listening to ads from your competitors? Or worse silence where they cannot tell of they are on hold or have been hung up on.

More than 85% of callers would prefer to listen to a message on hold rather than the radio or silence.
A message on hold also uses the time to remind your customers about the range of products and services your business has and how you can solve their problems. After all that’s what your business does… solve problems for customers.

The average business person spends more than 15 minutes per day on hold.

Callers placed on hold without messages on hold, will hang up 60% of the time, and approximately 25% won’t bother calling back.

Give your business the edge with message on hold

Keep your callers on the line, let them know what you want them to know. This will help you achieve higher average sales and more repeat business.

Please listen to examples of some of the Message on hold recording we have playing on phones right now.
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