Youtube videos for your business

When Youtube first made public in the early 2000,many people think that it is mostly for shallow things like funny videos or cat-centric. Fast forward to a decade, it is the one of the most powerful sites today. How do you make it to a good use for your business?

In this episode of Insider Marketing Secrets, David Counsell talks about Youtube and the ads and how it can work for your business? Can it replace the tv ads, now being viewed in your computer or mobile device? Do you know that skipping an ad can be beneficial to you? Have a listen now and you’ll probably watch Youtube in a different view.

Insider Marketing Secrets to Youtube Videos

00:09 Welcome to Insider Marketing Secrets
00:27 Let’s talk about Youtube
01:27 For the longest time, people think that Youtube is just for a lot videos of cats
01:33 Have you thought of using Youtube as a database?
01:47 How do you set it up like a television commercial?
02:06 how does profiling work in Youtube?
02:45 Skipping a Youtube ad? It’s actually a win-win situation.
02:55 How do Youtube targets it’s audience?
03:12 How to make smart Youtube Ads?
03:23 Youtube ads can be cheap and effective if you know how to play with it

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