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Your business is intended to solve customers’ problems. Naturally, if they have questions, you should be there to get them answered. But if the cycle becomes repetitive, shouldn’t there be an easier way to make everything easy and still getting their answers found? That is what a FAQ section on your website can absolutely do for you.

Insider Marketing Secrets to FAQ on your website

FAQ on your website00:21 Did you know that the FAQ section of the website is the most under used section?
00:38 FAQ section is composed of the questions that are commonly asked of you
00:48 If you keep on answering them, why don’t you consolidate the queries?
00:53 FAQs can be of different formats: video, written or audio
01:03 When answering questions, how can you lead them to the faq site?
01:19 Promoting that part of the site can be as time consuming as answering their individual questions
01:37 The questions you put up are the real questions you receive
01:53 You can answer generic questions about your business
02:15 And do you know that FAQ can even help you optimize your site?
02:30 Knowing the questions that are highly viewed can help you address your customers’ problems
02:55 So the next time you receive another question, make sure you put that up on your FAQ section
03:03 It will help you over and over and over again

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