Things to consider to get your web design right

Imagine yourself dressed for business with flurry patches all over you, bursting with different colors. Or your store that with unlabeled shelves or paths that wont lead down to the check out counter. Imagine if that is how your website look and function. Since your web is your business’s representation online, it must not only function well but looks pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate too.

In this episode of Insider Marketing Secrets, David Counsell will talk about your website design. You don’t want it to work like some 12 year olds tinker with it but should also be carrying out its purpose. Especially that Google keeps on rolling changes, you don’t want to be left with a pretty website that is nowhere to be found. Have a listen now to know how you can work your way to getting it right.

Insider Marketing Secrets to Things to consider to get your web design right

web design00:16 We will be talking about getting your web design right
00:27 How important is this for your business?
00:34 The physical store Is your front door and the website is your second front door
00:43 What are the things you need to consider to get the design right?
00:51 Is the landing page easily identified?
00:55 Is it clear that they have arrived on your website?
01:07 Are your pictures sharp and not pixelated?
01:28 Don’t use too much stock footage
01:43 Your design should be simple and easy to follow
01:57 Color and fonts play an important role in your design
02:31 How much of your website is just additional bluff?
02:40 Don’t ask your viewers to do so many things
02:57 Make sure that your website follow the standards
03:11 When Google rolled out the changes last April 2, many of the websites were ranked down
03:32 Is it easy to go around your website?
03:45 You do not want your visitors to get lost
04:08 Have you test your links and does it say where it lead people?
04:24 People often look for phone numbers that is why people should easily locate them
04:51 Are your call-to-action obvious?
05:18 Don’t let your visitors slip away just because you did not do your part
05:23 Screen grabs are a big no-no’s
05:41 Does you web design comply with Google’s update
06:01 The time may come that we will no longer design for website but just for mobile devices

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