Using Social Media To Promote Your Business To Specific People

Social media is a great tool for communicating and spreading information about your business. But did you know that there are better platforms that help you reach your target customers effectively? There are no set rules to do these but we’d love to guide you on ow to do it.

Are you now interested to re-align your accounts to your prospective clients? Click on the link and watch the video to learn these quick tips to get you started.

00:00 Opener

00:09 Greetings

00:16 Introduction to our topic: Using Social Media to promote your business to specific people

00:21 Pass our details to people who might need  our help

00:42 As our thank you, we will send you a bottle of red wine

00:53 Let’s talk about using social media to promote your business to specific people

01:06 Some social media works better with different type of people

01:13 Pinterest is good with talking to women

01:17 Facebook is good for talking to old people

01:22 But there are no rules

01:40 You can use these to target people for your business

01:45 1. Think like a customer

02:07 2. Put photos in social media

02:31 3. Look in to your community

03:20 Give us a call and we’d love to give you more ideas for your marketing using social media

03:28 If you need to get in touch with us, you can reach us at 03 6234 4588 or got our website

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