Target marketing using Facebook’s Graph Search

Marketing is not just about expanding your audience reach but at times, targeting narrow and specific groups can just be as effective. And now, you can also do so with Facebook’s Graph Search. In this episode of Insider Marketing Secrets, we will show you how easy it is to create a custom audience list using the result that you will generate from the graph search you specify.

Do you want to just show your ads who liked your competing business? Do you want to know the people who are interested within a distance range from your business spot? Do you want to know the people who belongs to the age bracket who are interested to the groups you are targeting? All these are now possible with a few clicks and some selections. Click on the video to learn more and see it for yourself.

Insider Marketing Secrets to Target marketing using Facebook’s Graph Search

00:10 Welcome to another episode of Insider Marketing Secrets
00:14 We will be talking about how to use Facebook to target people
00:28 If you know someone who need help with their marketing and advertising, get them in touch with us
00:39 We would love to send you a bottle of red wine
00:45 Today, we are coming to you love from hot Darwin
00:53 So as our hot topic, How to use Facebook to target people with your advertising
00:59 Marketing using Facebook is such a powerful tool
01:07 You can geographically target people
01:17 You can target based on interest, age and sex
01:24 Facebook is a database that is why it is effective to use in your advertising
01:29 Now you can target individual groups of people using Graph Search
01:38 At the left top, you can see that theres a reverse facebook logo before a search bar
02:04 You can type in the name of an opposition restaurant for example, and all the people who like their business will appear
02:16 You can create a custom list with that result
02:22 You can select custom audience and the ads will appear only to those people in that list

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