3 Quick Tips for your Social Media Headlines

In the previous weeks, we have provided you tips on how to write that killer headline for your emails. You might ask if those will also work for social media posts? Certainly. But here’s a lot more information to get your followers hooked on that first glance.

Social media headlines act as your bait to keep the readers wanting for more information on what you want to say. And because of the speed of activities going online, you also compete with their attention span and the rest of the posts being flooded in their timeline. Have a listen now and learn how you can make use of these pointers for your next update.

Insider Marketing Secrets to 3 Quick Tips for your Social Media Headlines

quick tips00:15 Today we will give you the Insider Marketing Secrets in writing Social Media Headlines
00:33 What are the specific things you can do to pump up your headline?
00:39 The attention span of people is very short and you need to capture that quickly
00:52 If your headline isn’t working, you’re losing opportunity
01:05 Have a listen to the list of things you can do
01:08 People like justifying things and how can you use numbers in the headline?
01:34 Do you know that even numbers have negative effect?
01:53 Use resources for inspiration
02:11 Go have a look at things that people are interested
02:27 How can you know what your customers like?
02:39 You can use questions or problems in your headlines
02:54 Your staff members are the key in finding what are these
03:09 Advertising and marketing is like holding up a mirror in front of people

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