Questions to ask your Search Engine Marketers

Marketing and Advertising, in whatever format, helps you reach more customers and inform them about the products and services that you can offer. But much like any other needs in the business, you need professional help. If you need someone to assess your taxes, you go to an accountant. If you need legal advices, then you ask a lawyer. Same with online marketing, you just don’t go to anyone who tells you that they can do the ads for you.

In this episode of Insider Marketing Secrets, we provide some questions that you should be asking your search engine marketers. These are just some of the basic queries that you should know to keep you from getting ripped off. It is a great way to start when it comes to selecting your search engine marketers. Click on the link and have a listen. And if you have any other questions, feel free to reach us because we sure know the things about marketing.

Insider Marketing Secrets to Questions to ask your Search Engine Marketers

00:00 Opener
00:09 Welcome to Insider Marketing Secrets
00:14 In a moment, we will talk about the things you should be asking your search engine marketers
00:30 Before we go, let me ask you a favor
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00:42 So now, let’s talk about Search engine marketing
00:46 For a lot of people, it’s just Google AdWords
00:49 There are some questions that you should be asking your search engine providers to make sure you’re not getting ripped off
01:01 Question #1: What is the minimum contract term
01:22 Question #2: What management fee are they charging you?
01:28 In any kind of transaction, you got to be upfront with the management fees
01:32 Here at Inferno, we always tell what are management fees are and how much of their money are going to be invested in the actual AdWords
01:44 If you’re not being told that, how easy it is to be ripped off?
01:51 You might be paying hundreds of dollars and only very little go to the actual AdWords
01:57 Question #3: How much are you actually getting in AdWords?
02:04 Question #4: Can you pause a campaign?
02:04 The answer should always be yes
02:10 In any kinds of advertising, you should be able to hit the pause button
02:14 Some less reputable people don’t let you do it
02:20 You should be able to pause it, and you should pause it
02:35 Question #5: Can you add scheduling?
02:39 It is the ability to turn your ads on or off, to ramp down or ramp up
02:45 There is a click to call in Google AdWords where people can click on your ad and automatically call your business number
02:55 That is fantastic during your business hours
03:02 But after that time, you can schedule that no more AdWords Click to Call come up and pushes them to your webpage
03:28 Question #6: Can you review your ads before going live?
03:30 The person who’s doing your ads might not be 100% understand exactly what you’re trying to do
03:39 By reviewing your ads, you can make sure you’re 100% better off
03:44 A question I get on a lot is, “How long are my ads on each day?”
03:47 That is actually a function of budget
03:51 The more people click on your ads, the more of your budget gets used up
04:00 That is good if you’re capitalizing on the click-through on your website
04:08 You should be thinking if you’re getting a good after-return
04:11 Question #7: Can you participate in the formulation of the keywords to your business?
04:17 If you’re not doing that, you’re doing yourself a disservice
04:23 Who ever is giving you this service should be able to research on your keywords
04:36 Always remember that marketing is about the people you are trying to reach
04:45 Question #8: Will my campaign have negative keywords?
04:51 Negative keywords are the words you don’t want to be searched up for
04:55 For example, if you’re selling Ford Focus cars and there’s a police chase, then you don’t want that search to come up with your business
05:19 Negative keywords are just as important as keywords
05:22 That is the Insider Marketing Secrets for Search Engine Marketing
05:26 If you get any questions, please get in touch with me
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05:37 Until we talk again
05:42 Goodbye!

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