Rank High on Google with Search Engine Optimization

You have invested your time, effort and money on your website and it does look good. But, when you look it up in the search engine, it seems like your competitor’s website, which doesn’t look good at all over ranks you. What could you be doing wrong?

In this episode of Insider Marketing Secrets, David Counsell talks about Search Engine ranking and how to rank high on google search. We’ve listed some of the unfair tactics that others may be using. But since SEO rules keep on evolving, there’s no sense cheating the system. Instead, have a listen now to know how you can tweak your website to get better and higher rankings.

Insider Marketing Secrtes to Search engine Optimisation

00:09 Welcome to Insider Marketing Videos
00:14 Let’s talk about Search Engine Optimisation
01:09 SEO is constantly changing
01:19 How come your low competitor’s website is outranking yours?
01:48 How do search engines look at the websites?
02:13 What do search engines see?
02:27 Is the other website optimised properly?
02:35 Is your competitor using unfair tactics?
02:54 What are the unfair tactics that you shouldn’t be using?
03:59 How Google ranks websites?
04:12 What are the factors that determine how Google ranks?
04:30 Get to know these factors and use them to your advantage

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