Why mobile websites matter to you and to your business

In the last 7 years, the overall mobile usage was challenged and has completely evolved. From the large text and call devices to pocket-sized multimedia apparatus, mobile phones has become the top gadget to get your hands on if you wish to communicate with other people. And it is not only the physical gadget that has changed but even the browsing experience. And in this episode of Insider Marketing Secrets, we will talk about mobile websites and why it matters to your business.

Many business owners might be thinking that once they have their website up, everything else is set to go. Not only have we mentioned about updating your content but also, you have to make sure that your webpages will load correctly in their new containers of mobile devices. If your site is just like your desktop page only on a compressed screen, then you yourself might hate all those scrolling and pinching (not to mention the erroneous taps because of those big fingers.) Still confused of what we’re talking about? Watch your free video and learn how to keep your customers under the hood instead of losing business from visitors that just keeps on bouncing.

Insider Marketing Secrets to Why mobile websites matter to you and to your business

00:00 Opener
00:09 Welcome to Insider Marketing Secrets
00:12 In a moment, we will talk why mobile websites matter to your business
00:25 But before we proceed, let me ask you a favor
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00:32 It’s an excellent way for you to help us get found by more people
00:45 So now, let’s talk why mobile websites matter to your business
00:53 As at December 2014, mobile searches have passed desktop searches
01:00 More and more people are looking up for you in their mobile devices
01:17 I was talking to someone who is interested in improving their marketing
01:21 I told him that I was looking at their website using both my desktop and phone and none of the links are working in mobile
01:29 He was unaware that he is losing business because everyone who went to his website that way can’t navigate
01:41 60% of those who bounced off from a website will never return
01:49 When was the last time you checked your website on a mobile device
01:57 Is it just the same as your website but only on a smaller screen?
02:06 Mobile websites should be easy to negotiate
02:18 Speed is the main thing that puts people off
02”23 If it is not happening quickly for them, they will go away
02:28 Google also looks in to speed, how fast a webpage loads and how long people spend time
02:44 Make sure that your website is up to date
02:53 So take a look at your website on a mobile device now
03:06 Think of all the money you are losing with many people leaving your website
03:22 If you like to know more about mobile websites or anything about marketing, feel free to reach us
03:28 Give us a call at 03 62344588
03:30 Or send me an email to davidc@infernopromotions.com.au
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03:38 We look forward to talk to you
03:41 Until then, goodbye!

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