Database or Loyalty Program? Make use of your social media followers

Many people subscribe to social media and add a million of friends thinking that more people can see their pictures or posts. But in business, it is not about who has the most number of football cards but rather how you use the cards to make people come back to you eveytime.

In this episode of Insider Marketing Secrets, David Counsell talks about using social media to make people come back to your business. So, is it a loyalty program or a database? Have a listen and learn the ways how to get more people to know your business.

Insider Marketing Secrets to Database or Loyalty Program? Make use of your social media followers

database00:13 Welcome to Insider Marketing Secrets
00:51 We will be talking about how to use social media to build a loyalty program or database
01:02 Do you need a database or you value loyalty program more?
01:15 Would you need database or loyalty program to make people come back?
01:35 Having lots of people following you in Facebook is not the measure of success
01:41 All platforms of social media is just another form of media
01:54 You want people to be part of your database so that you can do more things with them
02:25 So how would you make use of social media to build database?
02:29 Can you use ads to reach people who are not yet part of your community?
02:41 Internet cookies can help you follow people’s internet activities
03:13 How can you get people’s information in exchange of something?
03:30 Make follow-ups to groups of people
03:35 You can make more than one message. It’s not a one size fit all
04:00 Communicate with your customers and get more frequent sales

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