Adapting your business to the internet

Getting in to business takes more than just the 8-5 work hours in the office. You need to look in to so many things and should be on top of everything that is happening in your business. Do you still have time to manage your online presence? If you are time poor and believes that putting your business in the internet is going to suck more time from you, think again. Here are the helpful pointers to help you utilise the internet and get your business planted in the world wide web.

Insider Marketing Secrets to Adapting your business to the internet

Adapting your business to the internet 200:13 Welcome to Insider Marketing Secrets
00:36 We will be talking about Adapting your business to the internet
00:49 Are you one of those business owners who are time poor and have no time to manage your business’s online presence?
00:53 Here are the things that you can do to help you utilise the internet
01:06 Make a list of the things you need to achieve
01:28 Make sure you address the most important ones first
01:47 Here are the ways on how you can adapt your business to the internet
01:53 Have you plotted your business in Google Maps?
02:31 Do you have your accounts in social media for your business?
03:06 Have you organized a database?
03:47 Are there any internet references in your store?
04:09 When was the last time your website got an update?
04:35 As you know, on April 21, Google ranked websites that are not mobile-friendly
05:02 Have you tried online advertising? You can use this to target the customers of your competitors
05:22 Check these easy ways and get active online

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