Improving Social Media Engagements with #Hashtags

# – If you still call this the number sign or sharp, then you’re definitely getting behind this social media tool. Hashtag, as it is called, is being widely used in promoting social media posts. Your posts become more searchable and clickable if shared by other users. But how does this help you in your marketing?

Join David Counsell as he talk about Improving Social Media Enagements with Hashtags and how this tool can help you with your social media posts. Know how can this help you with your communication and how to effectively use one or several for your business. Have a listen now and learn more.

00:09 Welcome to Insider Marketing Secrets
00:14 This week, we will be talking about #Hashtags
01:22 Do you actually use Hashtags in your social media?
01:34 What are #Hashtags?
02:00 How can Hashtags help you with your communication?
02:10 What are the things you should know with Hashtags?
02:34 How many hashtags can you use?
03:03 How do you pick the right #hashtag?
03:17 What is Hashtag hi-jack?
04:10 Offline hashtag
05:15 You can have a variety of hashtags

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