Important tips on Website Maintenance

If you own a website, you target to be on top of the search engines and what better way to appear to than the first page of Google. But do you know that Google not only looks in to your content but also on your activities on the website. After all, you didn’t just set that up just to tick off the bucket list, right?

Join David Counsell as he talks about the importance of website maintenance and what are the simple things you can do to keep your website updated. Have a listen now and jot down these tips you could be doing on your website.

Insider Marketing Secrets

00:09 Welcome to Insider Marketing Secrets
01:04 Let’s talk about Website Maintenance
01:08 When was the last time you updated your website?
01:18 Google looks at how often you go in to your website
01:23 How do you update your website?
01:32 Why would Google rank down your website?
01:56 Ask help if you don’t know how to update your website
02:12 How to find information to your website?
02:19 Why are people going to your website?
02:30 What are the information you are giving indoor website?
03:56 When they visit, get them to go to another page
04:02 What does the back button do?
04:09 When does a website bounce happens?
04:46 Don’t just leave your website once it is completed
04:48 Make sure you’re updating it
04:49 Figure out why your customers are going to your website

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