How to Optimise Social Media Profiles for Search

It’s the turn of another year and for sure, you don’t want your social media profiles get left behind in Google Searches or within the Social Media accounts. 2015 has proven the power of Social Media for business and marketing and there’s a lot more in stores we should be looking for this coming year.

You might still be occupied with your Holiday photos or New Year’s parties. But as you’re looking in the web, have you check how your Social Media accounts come up? If they don’t show at all, then your keywords aren’t on their right places. After all, keywords aren’t the only thing that matters now since aside from Google search, searching within Social Media accounts is possible too. Have a listen to the all new Insider Marketing Secrets and learn on how to optimise social media profiles for search.

00:00 Welcome to Insider Marketing Secrets
00:14 Let’s talk about Optimising your Social Media Pages for Search
01:20 What are the things that you can control in Search Engine Results?
01:37 You,too,can change what appears on your social media account during search
02:05 What will make your Facebook Page rank higher on a Google Search?
02:32 What will make your Facebook Page becomes more searchable within Facebook?
03:10 Did you know, that if your Facebook Page is listed as a business, it will appear based on the proximity of the person searching
03:30 Here is what to do to make your Facebook Page come up in Google Search
03:32 This is what you can do to turn up in Facebook Search
03:45 What does Google shows in their results with Twitter accounts?
04:20 But what does Google use to pull up these information?
04:34 How to make your Twitter Profile rank generally higher in Google Search?
05:06 These are the tricks on how to optimise your social profiles for search

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