How to Improve Social Media Engagements

Not all posts are created equal. Some gets to be spread fast like wildfire, while others get buried in the pile of other posts, dying without getting noticed. And there is a reason to that. There is a reason why people get intrigued to click in to posts and read through them. What are the secrets to this? How do we improve social media engagements?

In this episode, David Counsell talk about the Psychology of Social Media Messages. Nope, he’s not definitely trying to be the Freud of Social Media or trying just to be highfalutin and all. Have a listen as David decode the elements that makes social media posts a certain hit to the audience.

00:09 Welcome to Insider Marketing Secrets
00:14 In a moment, we will talk about the psychology of social media messages
01:23 Are you struggling to make social media engagements?
01:42 How do you get more social media engagements?
01:59 The use of images in your social media posts
03:56 Make colors communicate with your audience
05:34 Focus on description
06:47 How do you not bore people with your words?
07:22 How do you start a conversation in Social Media?
08:39 People want getting recognized in social media

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