How to get that great first impression for your website?

On average, how long does your visitors stay on your website? Have you asked them how your website looks to them? If your visitors are bouncing off too quickly, maybe it’s not because there is no content but they can’t find through their way around your site.

In this Insider Marketing Secrets, David Counsell shares with you how put the right menus and right options for your website. Remember to get that first impression, it is not like a treasure map that will lead them to your golden nuggets of information. We want to get them straight and on-point. Watch your free video now and learn how.

Insider Marketing Secrets to getting the impression for your website

00:09 Welcome to Insider Marketing Secrets
00:52 Let’s talk about making your website getting the right first impression
01:00 how many menus do you have on your website?
01:12 Doe your customers need all the web menus?
01:27 How to reduce the options in your website
01:34 Are your menus for SEO purposes?
02:15 What are the only options that should be on a website?
02:33 What are the options need on a homepage?
02:47 What should appear at the bottom of the page?
03:03 What are the texts that should appear on the website?
03:17 How should you write your website headline?
03:49 Does your website has a call to action?
04:12 Follow these easy steps and make your website make that great first impression

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