How to build a database off your website

We have mentioned it over and again the importance of building your own database. Many have showed their interest but just don’t know where and how to begin. If you have an existing website, then the answers might just be sitting in at the back end of your page.

In this episode of Insider marketing Secrets, we will provide you an important tip on how you can build a database off from your website. But as you benefit from the details you are getting, you too should be telling the people what are you going to do with their details. To learn more how it can be done, click on the link and watch your free video

Insider Marketing Secrets to How to build a database off your website

00:00 Opener
00:09 Welcome to Insider Marketing Secrets
00:15 We will be talking about Building a database on your website
00:24 But before we do that, do you know someone who needs help with their marketing and advertising?
00:30 Put them in touch with us or us in touch with them
00:44 The chat is free and absolutely has no obligations
00:48 As you know, we love to talk about marketing
00:55 So now, let’s talk about Database building off your website
01:17 Most people under estimate the knowledge they have about the product or service
01:28 There’s a simple way of loading a database off your website
01:35 The form may be already on your website, under the Contact Us form
01:50 You should capture that information even if you don’t make a sale at that point
02:08 There are a few things you should do
02:11 Update your privacy information
02:14 Always be upfront with people with what you are doing with the information
02:20 Assure them that you are not selling their details
02:28 Connect your contact us data form to a database at the back end of your webpage

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