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Today is the Information Age where data is power. Almost everything can be found online, even people’s private information. So if you are in the business that collects personal details, you should be responsible enough to inform the people what you are doing with the information collected and how you are storing them.

In this episode of Insider Marketing Secrets, we will share with you the changes to Privacy Legislation and how you can keep your business, may it be offline or online, properly updated. As an additional value, we are even giving the link for you to download the full guidelines. So click on the video and start learning. We know we don’t have to ask you twice to do so, don’t we?

Insider Marketing Secrets to Email Privacy

00:00 Opener

00:08 Welcome to another episode of Insider Marketing Secrets

00:17 We will be talking about Changes to Privacy Legislation

00:22 Help us get ion touch with someone who might need help with their marketing and advertising

00:37 There’s no obligations, and we’d just love to talk to them and give advice about their business

00:53 Let’s talk about the new changes to privacy

00:57 These changes affect both your offline and online businesses

01:04 If you collect personal data from people, you have to disclose a whole heap of information to the person you are collecting it from

01:15 You should be compliant to Anti-Spam Legislation

01:19 You have to double opt-in or ask them twice if they want to be on your database and tell them what you are going to do with the information

01:47 Make sure you have Privacy Policy in store as well as online

02:09 Even data collected from contact forms, you should tell people where are you going to use the information

02:44 Don’t collect unnecessary information

03:01 The basic information that you need are Customer’s Name, Email Address, Phone/Mobile Number and Suburb or Postal code

03:25 You should inform people where you are storing the information

03:41 Different countries have different legislation over privacy

03:54 Inform your customer that there has been changes to your website

04:05 Inform people that you are constantly updating

04:20 You can download the guidelines of Changes to Australian Privacy Policy at

04:28 We’d be happy to talk to you and discuss these changes

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