Do you have an updated Message on Hold?

When customers call your business, it is a great time to showcase your products or services. Even if you have to put them on hold, don’t waste any mint of it.

In this episode of Insider Marketing Secrets, David Counsell talks about the importance of a Message on Hold. If yours isn’t updated or you don’t even have one, have a listen to learn more.

Insider Marketing Secrets to Message on Hold

00:11 Welcome to Insider marketing Secrets
00:20 We will be talking about Message on Hold
00:27 When was the last time you had your message on hold updated?
00:36 Or do you even have an existing one?
00:41 It is very easy to have a Message on Hold and we can help you with that
01:01 You cannot assume that your customers already know what you are doing with the business
01:04 Message on Hold is a great reminder about your products or services while they are waiting

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