7 Ways to Improve your Social Media Performance

If you have signed up your business to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media accounts, then well done. But you know the job doesn’t end there. Your posts should be catchy and inviting enough to actually get people to read it. But what if your social media accounts are dull and boring, worse has no activity at all. You are missing your opportunity to connect and get seen.

In this episode, David Counsell talks about how you can improve social media performance to reach more audience. Do you know that there are tools to help you like Facebook Insights and Google Analytics? If these all sounds foreign to you, then watch your free video now and start taking notes.

Insider Marketing Secrets

00:09 Welcome to Insider Marketing Secrets
00:14 We will be talking about Improving your Social Media Performance
01:05 Do you complain with your social media performance?
01:09 Social media is just like another media
01:12 It’s like the main media like television, radio or newspaper
01:20 Do you use your social media accounts as a database?
01:32 How do you get your social media to perform?
01:36 How often should you post?
01:47 How can Facebook Insights help you?
02:01 What time of day should you be posting in social media?
02:0 How would you know your audience?
02:44 Don’t use social media for hard selling
03:25 What are the information you will be sharing?
03:47 What image will you be using?
04:04 Should you be using videos in your posts?
04:18 How do you connect with other businesses in your area?
04:50 How can you include people in your posts?
04:59 What is Google Analytics and how it can help you with your social media?
05:26 With the right message at the right time, you will be talking to your audience in no time

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