7 Easy Ways to Develop a Digital Strategy

For years now, man has used the airwaves for advertising and marketing with the use of radio and television. Now, that the use of the internet is becoming more and more prevalent, how do you make your mark in this new sphere?

In this episode, David Counsell talks about the easiest ways to creating a Digital Strategy that will help market your business.

00:18 Today, we will talk about Digital Strategy
00:38 Do you have a digital strategy for your business?
01:18 Is having a Facebook Page enough?
01:26 Digital strategy doesn’t only mean online presence
01:37 How to attract new and repeat customers using digital method only
02:04 Do all businesses need a Facebook Page?
02:16 Do you understand what a social media page can do for you?
02:29 How digital marketing should work?
02:51 How to develop a digital strategy
03:02 Have a listen here to get information on how you can make the digital sphere work for you

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