6 Brilliant Uses of Facebook Groups for Marketing your Business

Social Media works as a great avenue to marketing your business and express thoughts. And as the platforms keep on updating, these sites also started promoting exchange of ideas. Although Social Media has opened the communication to the rest of the world, creating groups has made communication to be more specific and targeted.

In this episode, David Counsell talk about Facebook Groups and how you can better use it for your business. Facebook Groups provide a different kind of interaction as the members share a common interest or goal. There’s definitely more to it than just selling! Get your weekly dose of Insider Marketing Secrets here and learn more.

00:09 Welcome to Insider Marketing Secrets
00:18 In this episode, we will be talking about Facebook Groups
01:16 Do you use groups in your social media accounts?
01:23 Did you try the groups in LinkedIn?
01:26 Pinterest is a massive group site
01:31 Do you understand how to use Facebook Groups?
01:38 What are the uses of Facebook groups?
01:47 Selling in Facebook groups
02:03 How do you build a database with groups?
02:35 Establishing expertise using groups
03:21 Collecting constructive feedback through Facebook groups
03:53 How to provide customer service using groups?
05:11 Using groups to test new ideas
06:00 Using invite only group

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