Autoresponders are a silent salesforce

What is an email autoresponder and why do I want one?

An autoresponder is a computer program that automatically sends e-mail to the database connected to it. They can be very simple or quite complex.

Autoresponders are often used as e-mail marketing tools, to immediately provide information to their prospective customers and then follow-up with them at preset time intervals. This allows your website to be part of your sales process, reducing your work and turning your website from a brochure into a salesperson.

An autoresponder creates a great experience for your first subscriber, and the same great experience for your 100,200th, 1,000th subscriber.

It never gets tired. It never needs the weekend off.

It never gets bored, it never gets cranky.

It delivers to every new prospect forever.

When you want a day off to head to the beach or a month off for a life-changing adventure, your autoresponder is taking care of business.

What goes into a really good autoresponder?

Your autoresponder needs to be about your customer.

The autoresponder’s most important function is to talk to customers and prospects who are curious about what you do and and show them how you solve their problems.

That means an autoresponder needs your best information.

It has to be damned useful.

It has to solve problems your customers need to solve. It has to give them small, quick wins, and show you’re a trustworthy person. Not just an expert but a likable expert.

Autoresponders start the relationship

You can use autoresponders for anything. They are a great way to start the buying cycle and educate prospects about solving their problem before they buy.

Explore the pain and problems they’re facing today. Show them what their life will look like with their problem solved. Autoresponders can also address and overcome objections, building trust, outline your features and benefits, and create intense desire for what you have to offer them.

If your prospect isn’t ready to buy now, your email content will keep them warm until they are ready. As long as you keep adding to the sequence, you can keep prospects and customers engaged and interested in your business until the time is right for them to buy.